What is fraternity?

In 1776, the first Greek letter fraternity was founded. Phi Beta Kappa was founded by a group of William and Mary students in Williamsburg, VA. The basic founding principle of Phi Beta Kappa was to offer an outlet for students to further their philosophic knowledge as well as provide a social outlet for the students of William and Mary.

"Phi Beta Kappa, like Sigma Nu, was organized for those with ability, ambition and serious purpose in life," wrote Dick Vaughn, author of Sigma Nu's timeless essay The Way of Honor.

Sigma Nu seeks members who have a serious purpose in life as well as ambition to succeed in whatever they do. Sigma Nu offers a collegiate experience that will further a member's desire and ability to succeed during his time in a university as well as his experience following his collegiate career.

Academics...Will Sigma Nu get in the way of my son's education?

Sigma Nu exists to cultivate and develop ethical leaders. An education is the most important part of that formula. Your son is a student first and a Sigma Nu second. To ensure this is happening, Sigma Nu, in accordance with the North-American Interfraternity Council, has a minimum standard that members must maintain at least a 2.5 individual GPA and a chapter GPA of 2.5. However many of our chapters have a higher requirement for membership. In fact over 20% of our chapters have above a 3.0 GPA.

Many of our chapters also offer study hours for their members.

What does Sigma Nu do for my son after College?

Not only does Sigma Nu provide lifelong bonds and friendships, we provide the tools necessary to prepare for a successful career after graduation. LEAD (the Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development program) teaches our undergraduate members important skills such as networking, dress for and conduct during job interviews, and writing a resume to name just a few. By participating in Sigma Nu's educational curriculum, your son will have skills sought by many employers.

Sigma Nu will also provides opportunities for philanthropic activities and community service. Many of our chapters require a minimum number of community service hours from their members to give back to their local communities.

Along with community service, most of our chapters also hold an annual philanthropy project. In fact Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. offers the chance for our chapters to take part in our Founders Week of Service every spring as part of our Helping Hand Initiative. During that time, our chapters have the option of participating in a week of service to benefit four different organizations. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, College Charity Bowl, Character Counts and Habitat for Humanity have benefited from our undergraduates' service during the Founders Week of Service.

The Truth about Alcohol:

Another common misconception of fraternity men is that all they do is drink. We are an Honor fraternity. Though our individual chapters may, and do, hold social functions, brothers are expected to uphold the laws of the city and state as well as the rules of the university and Sigma Nu.

Risk Reduction is taken extremely seriously and should chapters be in violation of our Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines, they are subject to disciplinary action from the General Fraternity. The safety of our members, along with upholding the local city and state laws, is a priority.

The Truth about Hazing:

People often associate hazing with fraternities. Sigma Nu is unique in the fact that we were founded based on Honor, which stems from our founders rebelling against the common practice of hazing at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA. That principle holds true today.

The fraternal staff works very hard to educate our undergraduate and alumni members on the importance of teaching our candidates through activities other than hazing, primarily our LEAD Program. Sigma Nu has an anti-hazing hotline and e-mail address to anonymously report acts of hazing. This service is available not only to our undergraduate members but to you the parents, as well. Should you believe your son is being hazed, we encourage you to contact us 24 hours a day by calling the hotline at 1-800-993-1869 or by sending an e-mail to: anti-hazing@sigmanu.org